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Life on Mission Sermon Series

Life on Mission

Kent Hawkins

Feb 13 2022 - Mar 20 2022

Why are we here? What is our Mission? This message and series, Life on Mission seeks to answer that question. Jesus’ mession was to seek and save the lost and that IS and SHOULD be our mission too. In this message we look at Luke 15 and study what was lost and the approach we should have to those who don’t know Jesus.

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Kent Hawkins, Ed Dean, Aaron Fusselman, Joey Tuccillo, Steve Trinkle

Jan 02 2022 - Feb 06 2022

Cornerstone is launching a 3 year plan to Dive Further through Evangleism; Dive Deeper through Disciple-Making; and Dive Younger to Reach the Next Generation. This will take strategic planning. This message looks at several ‘snapshots’ of major undertakings and the strategic planning it took to accomplish them.