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Model Prayer Sermon Series

Model Prayer

Kent Hawkins

Jul 31 2022 - Sep 05 2022

Do you find yourself asking the same question that Jesus’ disciples asked Him: ‘Lord, Teach us How to pray’? Maybe you think your prayers are ineffective or that God isn’t listening to you. To those questions and concerns, Jesus gave us all a prayer to Model in Matthew 6. This series focuses on each of the 5 mains parts of this prayer plus the added doxology that we include when we recite this prayer.

Change Sermon Series


Kent Hawkins

Jul 17 2022 - Jul 24 2022

If I asked every person if they would like to change something about their life I believe the answer would be ‘yes’. What we must realize is that to change any attitude, action or behavior requires a changing of our mind. Paul says that our minds must be ‘transformed’. This message teaches three things we must do to change our Mind, To Feed; To Free and To Focus. When we do these things it will enable us to change our attitudes, actions and behavior.

Is America Worthy of our Allegiance? Sermon Series

Is America Worthy of our Allegiance?

Kent Hawkins

Jul 03 2022

Paul reminds us of three truths that remain, no matter what our pollical situation is; that the Bible is God’s ultimate authority; that Jesus is the only Savior; and that Heaven is our true home. The political winds can blow, but these constants remain firm and true and give us comfort and peace. ‘This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.’