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The Elephant in The Room Sermon Series

The Elephant in The Room

Kent Hawkins

Jul 07 2024 - Jul 14 2024

Two topics of conversation are taboo in the public arena: politics and religion. Yet in 2024, EVERYONE is talking about politics, so that just leaves religion. Even though we do discuss our faith on Sundays and at Small Groups, even at Church some subjects can be awkward or uncomfortable. This series seeks to address some of the more sensitive subjects from a Biblical perspective.

Let Jesus Change Your World Sermon Series

Let Jesus Change Your World

Jeff Minor, Jeff MInor, Kent Hawkins

Jun 09 2024 - Jun 30 2024

We would all like to see changes to the world around us, and we're correct that God has invested deeply in bringing real change to our world with the Gospel. If our world needs to be a better place, let God start these changes beginning with me and you. God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ. God brings real change to the world - can He start with you?

VBS 2024 Sermon Series

VBS 2024

Kent Hawkins

Jun 02 2024

The Fruit of the Spirit was a main theme during this year's Vacation Bible School. I selected ‘Peace’ to focus on in this message, since summer has arrived and with it a change of pace, a break, an opportunity to find some solace and peace. What is the secret to finding internal/personal peace? Jesus lays out several things in the Sermon on the Mount which can bring us the peace we so desperately need.

One Another Sermon Series

One Another

Kent Hawkins, Jeff Minor

Apr 07 2024 - May 26 2024

Before the Passover meal and just before the crucifixion, Jesus prayed that His followers, or Disciples, would ‘Be One’. Paul then continues this theme as he uses ‘One Another’ dozens of times in his letters. The emphasis is clear — the Church should be united and not divided. This message series looks at eight of the ‘One Anothers’ and how we can better ‘live in harmony’.